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Why GRI training is an essential element for your organisation

The corporate world is currently at a stage where it needs to integrate Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) into its system in order to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), attract potential investors and create a better and healthy world in general. To attain this, corporations need to undergo through the GRI Professional Certification Program.

The GRI training program helps sustainability professionals to increase the understanding of how to implement the GRI Standards, with the aim of improving the quality of disclosure and reporting.

Sustainability reporting and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosures are on the rise globally – as seen in the Western and Asian Countries. It is quickly becoming an expected practice from organisations globally and most investors are using it as a guide to help in their decision making.

In Africa, KCIC Consulting Ltd (KCL), a sustainability consulting firm, is planning to launch the GRI Sustainability Training Course and Professional Certification program for the sustainability professionals based around the continent. Through this program, the consulting firm aims to train and certify organisations who are in the pursuit of elevation and shifting towards green growth through GRI Certified Training Partners. The training and certification will be conducted through an online portal which will soon be available on their website

In order for organisations to qualify for the certification exam, they will be required to take up five essential courses during the training period which will be conducted by qualified GRI certified trained professionals. One of the main significance of going through the GRI Certified Training Partners is that the individuals will get access to a subject matter expert and get customized learning, based on their local context so that they are able to understand the application of these concepts based on the realities of their market.

Under this training and certification, corporations and individuals will achieve the following:

  • Improved skills as a sustainability professional: The program aims to improve knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of GRI reporting which will help in increasing the quality of disclosures and reporting.
  • Credibility and marketability in the sustainability sector: The program gives one the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in the sustainability area, by passing the Certification Exam, and getting acknowledged with the certification and status of a ‘GRI Certified Sustainability Professional,’
  • Acknowledgement: The status that comes with this certification will create credibility and marketability for those in the sustainability sector
  • Maintained and upskilled knowledge: Ability to maintain and upskill ones knowledge as GRI has elements of ongoing education in this program for all professionals to stay up to date with their knowledge.

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