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Private Sector Development

Our Private Sector Development (PSD) services are tailored to strengthen entrepreneurial management skills, increase innovation capabilities, integrate sustainability, develop skills and human resources, and enhance productivity among small, medium, and large enterprises across the globe. KCL provides high-quality capacity building, value-added services, and access to key resources for sustainable enterprise development. We focus on developing sustainable enterprises across various sectors to compete effectively in the regional and global markets. 

Our comprehensive range of end-to-end services supports organizations to carry out end-to-end value chain optimization, implement better and more efficient processes, address stakeholder concerns, and accomplishing their growth objectives. Our private sector development solutions are founded on the need to create more robust ecosystems and businesses across nine pillars as indicated in the section below.

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Our Private Sector Development

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Access to Finance

We appreciate that there is a huge gap for enterprises that require mezzanine finance. This coupled with lack of adequate market information makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to right sources.

Programme Design

We design programs for government, development partners, NGOs to adequately address their core objectives by ensuring we align the strategic focus to the operational objectives.

Systems Development

We support the development and strengthening of whole value chains, which in turn supports enhanced inclusivity and increased interactions between the different actors.

Youth Employment

Young people have been bearing the brunt of decreasing employment opportunities. KCL understands that this trend requires a change of paradigm and in that breadth.

Skill Development

KCL believes that the only way to develop sustainable independent enterprises is by ensuring every engagement ends in successful skills transfer to the client.

Business Advisory

We work with entrepreneurs to enhance their technical capacities which in turn positively influences the growth and feasibility of their businesses.

Technology Transfer

Lack of awareness has been often cited as a reason why many entrepreneurs still use inefficient processes that in the long run lead to significant reduction of the level.

Communication Strategies

We provide impact focused mentorship support to achieve transformative business growth. Our approach is highly interactive to the entrepreneurs.

Blended Finance Approach

We promote and encourage the use of the blended finance approach by designing financial products with instruments targeting to de-risk social enterprises. We work with them to enhance their skills in developing viable business cases targeted towards accessing .

Transaction Advisory

We offer comprehensive transaction advisory services aimed at facilitating investment deals in Kenya and

Sub-Saharan Africa. Our expertise cross-cut various investment and

fundraising processes including pipeline generation, investor readiness support, and post-investment business technical support.