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No.Direct ImplementationCountriesSectors/Thematic Areas
1GNIPlus Program:- Renewable EnergyKenyaRenewable Energy
2MESPT Capacity Building:- Agricultural Value ChainsKenya1. Agricultural Value Chains
2. Access to Markets
3. Access to Finance
3Investor Readiness Program:-Strategically implemented through comprehensive assessments, tailored recommendations, individualized fundraising plans, meticulous material preparation, targeted investor engagement strategies, effective training, and a well-organized pitching event.KenyaInvestor Readiness Guidance Pitching Event ("The Deal Room")
4AgriBiz Program:- Implementation involved strategic planning, advisory services, market access facilitation, grant finance for Proof of Concept and Results-based financing, scale financing through financial institution linkages, and collaboration with ATVETs across 8 counties.KenyaYouth and Women Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Innovations
5Green Growth and Employment Mentorship Programme:-
1. Design Program: Create a structured mentorship framework.
2. Develop Materials: Generate manuals, templates, and tools for mentorship.
3. Conduct Gap Analysis: Assess MSMEs' needs and challenges.
4. Provide Support: Match mentors, deliver sessions, and monitor impact
KenyaSustainable Growth and jobs from investment and trade. Sustainable use of Natural Resources and Community Resilience
6New Plastics Economy in Kenya:- The Kenya project focuses on a sustainable business model for filament and 3D printing, with a training manual for recyclers prioritizing safety. Ongoing market updates and innovations like blockchain integration enhance adaptability for success and scalability in plastic recycling.Kenya1. Circular Economy for PET Recycling
2. Innovation in Recycling Technology
7Climate Launchpad:- The Climate Launchpad (CLP) followed a structured approach, including planning, outreach, transparent participant selection, intensive pitch training, ongoing support, communication strategies, and evaluation. The process concluded with a final event celebrating successful green business ideas.Kenya1. Renewable Energy
2. Circular Economy
3. Sustainable Agriculture
8KCV Partnership Strategy:-KCV Limited's partnership strategy prioritizes market analysis and aligns partners with its climate smart mandate. Implementation emphasizes stakeholder engagement, adaptability, and transparent reporting for ongoing improvement. The strategy positions KCV for impactful partnerships in advancing climate solutions in Kenya.
Kenya1. Renewable Energy
2. Climate Resilience and Adaptation
9GGEP Closure Project:- GGEP implementation prioritized DANIDA compliance, document review, and closure recommendations for KCIC. The process documented successes, failures, challenges, and lessons learned, culminating in a comprehensive closure report.Kenya1. Compliance and Alignment with DANIDA objective
2. Programme implementation and impact Evaluation
10AgriBiz Mentorship Program:-
AgriBiz program by KCIC, supported by EU and Danida, empowers women, youth, and SMEs in agribusiness through advisory services, market access support, and grant finance. Financial linkages target external funding, while collaboration with ATVETs ensures localized, inclusive development across 8 counties.
Kenya1. Capacity Building
2. Business Development Support Service
11The Rallying Cry:-
Creating a film by interviewing women in agriculture in Kenya and Zambia. 
United Kingdom1. Female empowerment in agribusiness

2. The role of women-led initiatives in addressing climate challenges, particularly in Kenya and Zambia.
12Business Plan for Impact Africa Facility:-
Business Plan

Kenya1. Skills Development and Training
2. Job Creation
3.Enterprise Support
13Digital Capacity Building Training for Entrepreneurs in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa:-
The British Council's SSA Skills and Enterprise Portfolio empowers young entrepreneurs (18-35) in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa through training, business support, and policy contributions, fostering collaboration with the UK across seven African countries.
Kenya, South Africa, Ghana1. Digital Business Development Support
2. Monitoring and Evaluation Expertise
14QED Research Project:-
Assessing the status of monitoring and evaluation activities
South Sudan1. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
2. Context Assessment
3. Stakeholder Consultations
15Vijana na AgriBiz:-
Vijana na AgriBiz Competition engages youth with innovative agribusiness ideas, providing training and mentorship. Winners receive financial support, addressing challenges hindering youth in agriculture. Ongoing monitoring ensures impact and improvement
Kenya1. Social Media Engagement
2. Agripreneur Development

3. Impact Monitoring and Accountability
16Consultancy Services to strengthen HR systems:- technical advisory servicesKenya1. Job Analysis and Evaluation

2. Organizational Structure and Management Control

3. Human Resources Policy and Performance Management
17Devolution, Climate Assistance II:-
DACCA II (2020-2023) focused on optimal climate adaptation in Kenyan counties, advocating for pro-poor projects in County Integrated Development Plans with Civil Society Organizations. Emphasizing community participation, it utilized CIDP for effective public affairs and service delivery management
Kenya1. Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing

2. Hands-On Skill Development

3. Linkages to Financing and Technical Support
18Development of Knowledge brief on Circular Economy Solutions for Climate Action in Africa:- In 2021, KCIC and UNEP researched technology's impact on Africa's circular economy for climate goals. They provided policy guidance through a knowledge brief, emphasizing sustainable solutions disseminated in workshops, with ongoing monitoring for impact assessment.

Kenya1. Implementation Strategies

2. Policy Frameworks

3. Upscaling Circular Solutions
19KCB Environmental and Social Categorization TooKenyaEnhancement of environmental and social categorization
20COVID-19 Radio Activation- 45- second radio advert on Citizen Radio, Radio Maisha and KBC RadioKenya1. Media Engagement and Collaboration

2. Voice Over Artists and Production Process
21Climate Change Assessment Report for East AfricaKenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia1. Agriculture and Food Security and Nutrition

2. Water and Related Watersheds
22Digital Learning Management System:-
Business advisory, training, and mentorship
KenyaDigital Training Curriculum Development
23Investor Readiness TrainingKenya1. Investor Engagement and Communication

2. Financial Management and Valuation
24Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility Intervention in BotswanaBotswana1. Private Sector Recovery Plan Translation and Implementation

2. Strengthened Collaboration between Local Authorities and Businesses
25SMEs Climate Tech Support:- 1) introducing the SMEs to efficient technologies and international climate technology suppliers 2) creating linkages to financing options, 3) building the capacity and awareness of the local industrial SMEsKenya & Tanzania1. Industrial SME Mapping

2. Climate Technology Adoption
26Environmental and Social Due Diligence:- Due DiligenceKenyaPolicy and Procedure Compliance
27Youth AdaptAfrica1. Entrepreneurship and SME Development

2. Climate Resilience and Sustainability
28Sustainable Urban Investment ProgramKenya1. Climate Resilient Infrastructure

2. Value Chains for Climate Resilience.
29Agricultural Program Impact Analysis:-
through improving Agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises’ (A-SMEs) access to finance and markets
Kenya1. Research and Program Development

2. Data Analysis and Reporting
30Website Design, Development and HostingKenya1. Project Management

2. Technical Implementation
31AgriBiz Clients BrandingKenya1. Project Management

2. Graphic Design
32AdaptTech SME InvestmentKenya1. Investment Readiness Support

2. Investment Exposure and Ecosystem Building
33Urban Investment Advisory ProgramKenya1. Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

2. Value Chains for Climate Resilience
34Mobile Technology and Climate FinanceGlobal1. Identification and Assessment of Climate Finance Mechanisms

2. In-Depth Case Studies on Digital Innovation in Climate Finance.
35SME Green Finance TrainingKenya1. Green Finance Integration
2. Sustainability in Business
36Bamburi Sustainable Excellence InitiativeKenya1.Corporate Governance
2. Enhancement
Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Assessment
37Wood Architect RockstarsKenya1. Innovation Capacity Building

2. Local Ecosystem Development
38Africa Climate Innovation HubAfrica WideClimate Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
39Raising African VoicesAfrica1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sustainability

2. Impact Assessment and Support
40Stars in Global Health ChallengeKenya1. Climate-Health Innovation Challenge Promotion

2. Impact of Climate-Health Solutions.
41Migration trends, global insightsKenya1. Design Services for Promotion

2. Influencer Engagement Strategy

3. Data Collection and Reporting
42Youth Adapt Challenge 2023Africa Wide1. Sustainable Business Development

2. Youth Entrepreneurship and Job Creation