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Who is KCIC Consulting?

KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) is a one-stop center for consulting services. KCL mainly offers a broad spectrum of consulting services to government institutions, Central and County governments, Corporations, International organizations, Small and Medium enterprises, national and international NGOs, etc.

These consulting services include;

  • Private sector development focuses on developing sustainable enterprises to compete effectively in the regional and global markets.
  •  Research and Capacity Building provides descriptive, quantitative, and qualitative research intended to catalyze the processes and procedures required to attain sustainable development.
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation whereby a set of tools and frameworks are employed by our experts to comprehensively measure social impacts.
  • Grant and Fund Management; we will assist your organization in overseeing grants and other forms of funding for maximum input and output.
  • Sustainability Advisory, where you’ll be taken through aspects, risks, and sustainability opportunities.
  • Development Communication entails offering you global and regional experience in different areas of communication.

KCL has always proposed to provide the highest-quality, globally-competitive, high-geared performance and practical business solutions in all its projects. As a result, hundreds of international corporations and NGOs who have been in association with KCL have confirmed they owe their prolonged sustainable business solutions and outstanding communication resourcefulness to us.

In coordination with the British Council, KCL led the Investment Climate Reform facility (ICR). Its aim is to support Business Botswana to advance Public-Private Dialogues (PPDs) in Botswana. The ongoing program has positively impacted Botswana’s post-Covid-19 recovery plan.

We put persistent effort into ensuring we bring change to the world by developing sustainable solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges to promote development. Our team of consultants and experts transform challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

The sustainability and advisory services at KCL assist businesses in transit to more sustainable practices and help green the globe. By fostering economic growth while ensuring the development of natural assets, on which our well-being relies, KCL has been on the vanguard to realize the complete perspective of the world at large.

Climate Change Action

Action on climate change can no longer be postponed. This will cost us dearly in the future. Development matters and the availability of basic necessities like fresh water, food security, and energy depend on our ability to take action. Furthermore, failure to take adaptation and mitigation actions immediately may result in a more difficult adjustment to climate-friendly economies.

As a result, KCL provides an enabling environment for businesses to adopt sustainable solutions. For example, not long ago, in partnership with Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) and other stakeholders, KCL led corporations in Kenya towards making Climate Change Commitments in the inaugural 4CK conference. 

Our consultants draw years of regional consulting experience to help our clients acquire the knowledge, tools, and expertise required to transform climate risks into business opportunities. KCL embodies mental acquisitiveness, commitment to values, and proven leadership capacity in climate matters. We are empirically meticulous in dispatching fact-based advice to get the job done to create a better world for present and future generations.

Our solutions majorly revolve around building a solid brand for your business to establish a sense of belonging, improve efficiency, and manage capacity by planning and executing your vision. For entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals seeking to strategically position their enterprises in dynamic environments and build capacity, available online courses have been made available by KCL. They are simplified to give one a world-class experience in starting and running a business effectively and efficiently.  In dire need of consulting services? Look no more, for we are here to make your organization a pioneer in your field of expertise.