From air to water, Majik water addresses the water crisis in Africa and helps communities achieve climate resilience. 

In Kenya, the issue of water scarcity goes beyond inconvenience, posing a profound barrier to health, economic prosperity, and sustainable development. Throughout the country, communities confront significant difficulties accessing clean water, especially in rural areas where polluted water sources contribute to health problems and perpetuate cycles of poverty. Climate change aggravates these challenges by intensifying droughts and floods, which strain already scarce water resources. 

 For Beth Koigi, the CEO of Majik Water, this challenge is deeply personal, driving her unwavering commitment. During her time as a student at Chuka University, Koigi witnessed first-hand the health impacts of poor water quality. Frustrated by the prohibitive cost of traditional water filters, she founded the Aqua Clean Initiative to offer affordable water filtration solutions to low-income families. This initiative marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, one that eventually led her to innovate on a larger scale with Majik Water. 

Koigi is among the 8 winners of the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, a flagship initiative of the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP) that is jointly implemented by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA). This program champions entrepreneurship and youth-led innovation in climate adaptation across Africa. Supported by the African Climate Change Fund (ACCF), this edition focuses on female-owned enterprises utilizing Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies to enhance climate resilience. 

The founding of Majik Water 

During a prolonged drought in Kenya in 2016, soaring water prices prompted Koigi to explore innovative solutions. Her quest led her to Singularity University in the USA, where she collaborated with Anastasia Kaschenko and Clare Sewell. Together, they created a machine capable of extracting moisture from the air, laying the foundation for Majik Water. 

Majik Water’s initial prototype, utilizing a combination of condensation and silica gel, evolved to rely exclusively on condensation. Today, the company is a key player in decentralized water solutions, employing air-to-water technologies to serve marginalized communities. This approach not only taps into a vast and underutilized water resource but also reduces dependence on traditional water sources which are susceptible to contamination. By utilizing IoT sensors and innovative technologies like reverse osmosis filtration to prevent the spread of bacteria, Majik Water ensures sustainable water access while minimizing environmental impact, empowering communities to create safe, reliable water supplies and generate income. 

 Impact on communities and the future of Majik Water

Majik Water’s innovative approach to water harvesting is already transforming communities, currently providing over 200,000 litres of water to more than 1,900 people. With installations in Kenya and South Africa, Majik Water offers a sustainable solution to the longstanding challenge of water scarcity. The company ensures the long-term viability of its solutions by offering comprehensive support services, including installation, maintenance, and community engagement. Additionally, Majik Water is committed to local solutions, employing Kenyan workers to assemble units made with 30% locally sourced materials 

Looking ahead, with the support of the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, Majik Water envisions a future where its technology would not only meet but exceed existing demand for water. The company aims to significantly boost employment and income opportunities by integrating solar installations into their systems, thereby enhancing sustainability and reducing operational costs. Furthermore, Majik Water plans to implement automated bottling equipment to streamline production and distribution processes, ensuring efficient delivery of clean water even to the most remote communities. 

 To broaden its impact, Majik Water plans to pilot a new business model aimed at producing 1,500 litres of clean water daily, thereby extending its reach to previously underserved markets. Central to their strategy is technological advancements, including investments in remote monitoring systems and high-capacity devices to enhance water production efficiency and quality. By collaborating with technology partners, Majik Water aims to drive innovation in water purification and distribution, leveraging cutting-edge IoT solutions and sustainable practices. Backed by the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, Majik Water is poised to scale new heights in its mission to combat water scarcity. This support not only fuels the company’s technological advancements but also amplifies its social impact of empowering communities with sustainable water solutions. 

Beth Koigi states that, “The water scarcity issue is becoming bigger and bigger. The world is looking for decentralized water sources.” These sentiments resonate with the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge’s goal of nurturing young innovators. Majik Water is paving the way towards a future where access to clean water will be a reality for all. To learn more about Majik Water, visit their website at