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Understanding the significance of sustainability requires development of new research

Sustainability keeps evolving, and for the world to secure a safe future, there is an urgent need to make progress with developing new research, especially now that the current unsustainable way of life is becoming a threat to the continuation of civilization.

Understanding the impact of sustainability requires the adjusting of existing knowledge and methodology to match the challenge that is experienced with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are in danger of going backward without a change in direction. “The Future is now. Science for achieving development” report revealed. This suggests that we need to devise a plan to deal with global instability.

The report further explains that the extensive research needed to transform the SDGs will not be easy and suggests that a deep scientific understanding and methodology is needed to anticipate and mitigate the tensions that are likely to be encountered due to the widespread structural change.

The research community is therefore encouraged to always be on the lookout for change. They need to acknowledge this active role which is above and beyond the neutral observer. Rather than considering possible impacts once the research is complete, they need to incorporate desired sustainable outcomes from the beginning and drive the research process.

Although we are hopeful of the future, we are still at risk of some places becoming inhabitable, and others being overwhelmed by the effects of climate change. Failure to come up with new ways to safely navigate over the next few decades could pose an existential threat to civilization.

The urgency to navigate and discover a transition to a more sustainable future is definitely an indication that sustainability research has growing importance. Therefore, generating new insights and expanding knowledge by different sustainability organizations is extremely essential.

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