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Programme for enabling companies to report on the SDGs launches

A suite of a high-quality and globally applicable training courses for sustainability reporting specialists is now locally available, following the launch of the GRI Professional Certification Program by KCIC Consulting Ltd (KCL). This will make it even easier for organizations to communicate their efforts to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by using the most widely adopted standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Standards.

The sustainability course complements KCL’s wider support to help companies communicate their impacts on sustainable development. These include a suite of tools on integrating the SDGs in reporting and SDG reporting examples from around the world.

The course is tailored to take those who take it through some of the most efficient reporting practices to help them hone their skills for applying key reporting principles including accuracy, balance, and clarity of information.

KCL will further delve into what one needs to keep in mind in order to create a more robust sustainability report that better informs the decision-making process while increasing stakeholder trust.

The course also gives a breakdown of the targets under each of the 17 SDGs and maps how they correlate against the disclosures in the GRI Standards.

Dr. Edward Mungai the CEO of Kenya Climate Innovation Centre and a Sustainability Expert, explains, “The GRI Standards will help transform organizations to be more sustainable and make clear connections with the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The SDGs address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges, therefore it is crucial that the contribution of the private sector is both recognized and understood. It is with this in mind that KCL is committing to walk this journey with organizations to drive forward the transparency required to support the fulfillment of the SDGs.”

Find out further details and pricing for the Professional Certification Program online through the KCL Website