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Chapi Core Tech

Empowering smallholder farmers in rural Zambia to build resilience against climate hazards: The Chapi Core Tech story.

In January 2021, Miriam Chapi and Imungana Malikana co-founded Chapi Core Tech, aiming to transform the lives of smallholder farmers across Zambia by providing accessible and sustainable clean energy solutions. Miriam Chapi’s upbringing in rural Zambia, devoid of electricity, fuelled her determination to address the energy needs of rural communities. With prior experience in trading solar panels and providing clean energy solutions to smallholder farmers, she brought both expertise and passion to Chapi Core Tech. Her entrepreneurial journey has been characterized by continual learning and adaptation, as is demonstrated by her participation in the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge.

The YouthADAPT Challenge is a flagship program of the African Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP), jointly implemented by the African Development Bank and the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA). Its primary objective is to promote sustainable job creation through the support of entrepreneurship and youth-led innovation in climate change adaptation and resilience across Africa. The 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, its third iteration, is supported by funds from the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF). This edition specifically targets female-owned enterprises that utilize Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and innovations for climate change adaptation.

The Chapi Core Tech solution

Chapi Core Tech addresses multiple obstacles encountered by smallholder farmers in Zambia, such as decreased rainfall, high temperatures, and scarce access to clean energy. Using IoT technology, the company monitors and sends temperature alerts for incubators, brooders, and poultry houses, thus lowering chick mortality rates for rural women poultry farmers. Furthermore, smallholder farmers can conveniently access clean energy solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis through an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system by the company, thereby strengthening climate adaptation initiatives.

In addition to assembling solar-powered egg incubators, brooders, and water irrigation systems, Chapi Core Tech offers comprehensive capacity-building programs to educate farmers on climate adaptation and sustainable agricultural practices. Currently, the company supports 118 smallholder farmers in accessing clean energy solutions, with a potential market of over 1 million poultry farmers in their target demographic.

Transforming agriculture and livelihoods

Bernadette Milambo, a beneficiary of Chapi Core Tech’s support, attests to its impact on her poultry farming: “Chapi Core Tech transformed my poultry farming. The solar incubators increased my hatch rates, and the Pay-as-You-Go system made it affordable!”. Similarly, Abigail Chansa praises the company for providing a reliable water supply for her livestock, stating, “Thanks to Chapi Core Tech, I now have a reliable water supply for my livestock. Their support changed the game for us!”

Looking ahead, with the backing of the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, Chapi Core Tech aims to empower women in the predominantly female-dominated poultry sector. With a current market size of over 5,000 women, the company’s objectives include; increasing productivity among women poultry farmers, enabling at least 5,000 women poultry farmers to generate a minimum of USD 500 in monthly revenue within two years, supporting smallholder farmers to become climate-resilient through clean energy solutions, and facilitating industrialization in marginalized rural communities. Additionally, the initiative aims to create at least 100 direct jobs and 20,000 indirect jobs within two years, with plans for expanding the assembly factory to create 20 full-time jobs.

As Chapi Core Tech continues to thrive and innovate, their success stands as a testament to the immense potential of youth-led enterprises. Their journey, supported by the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, highlights the critical role of investing in young entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for investors, policymakers, and communities to rally behind these innovators. Together, we can drive sustainable development and look forward to a future brimming with ground-breaking solutions and limitless possibilities.










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