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YouthADAPT Solutions Challenge: Unveiling the top twenty finalists

The 2021 African Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge Awards are approaching, and after a period of judging, 20 entrepreneurs have been selected. The challenge, dubbed ‘Empowering Youth through Jobs and Entrepreneurship’ is an Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP) pillar. The AAAP program was initiated by Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) and African Development Bank (AfDB) to harness climate-resilient actions through a triple win approach to address the impacts of Covid-19, climate change, and the economy.

With headline sponsors GCA and AfDB, the challenge seeks to empower one million young Africans with the financing and skills they need to pursue jobs and careers in climate adaptation. KCIC Consulting Ltd is the implementing partner of the project. The 20 enterprises were sought from 47 countries across Africa. The top 10 businesses will be announced at the COP26 event in Glasgow in a hybrid event that will take place at the African Pavilion. The twenty entrepreneurs reflect the best and brightest of Africa’s enterprises that have incorporated climate adaptation and resilience.  The top 20 businesses that will be waiting to hear the list of the top 10 who are going to receive grants of up to USD 100,000 and business incubation and acceleration support for one year are as follows:

BLEAGLEE Waste Management

Founded in 2018, BLEAGLEE is a waste management technology company working to solve the poor waste management crisis in Nkwen Bamenda, Cameroon. Founder Juveline Ngwum Ngwa, an award-winning entrepreneur in waste management, has worked consistently at building the software of drones. The drones inspect poorly disposed waste on drainage channels and waterways. In addition, the enterprise informs waste collectors and youth environmental groups where to pick up the trash and how to properly dispose of it. Furthermore, its digital platform provides on-demand waste recycling and disposal service to individuals and businesses. Since its inception, the company has appropriately disposed of and recycled more than 800 tons of waste, benefiting over 300 young people and encouraging over 120 businesses in recycling.

Mumita Holdings Limited

Mumita is an agro-based startup committed to developing African-based solutions to enable farm and agricultural operators to log in to higher operational productivity levels. The business analyzes, prospects, and substantiates the development and use of economically adaptable cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations to enhance the African Agricultural ecosystem.

Global Farms and Trading Company Limited

Incorporated in July 2019 as a limited liability company, Global Farms and Trading Company Limited (GFTC) seeks to contribute to the modernization of Ghana’s agricultural sector. By providing a wide range of agribusiness services for speedy growth of various commodities value chains while ensuring consistent natural environment protection. Global Farm is a producer of grains (Maize, Rice, and Soybeans).


IPREN was created in 2017 by a young Nigerian engineer whose intention was to offer effective solutions that will respond to the various problems of the community. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence technology and OIT, the solutions proposed by IPREN meet the aspirations but above all the social problems of the Nigerian population. This would allow the company to achieve its objective: to accelerate socio-economic and sustainable development through technological solutions.

Kimplanter Seedlings

Kimplanter Seedlings is a youth and women-led organization registered in 2018. It specializes in the propagation of drought-resistant vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and tree seedlings. It also deals in the supply of farm inputs and offers agronomy services to farmers. The organization has a chain of 1,296 farmers in Africa whom they provide agricultural extension services to grow their crops. It has three branches across Kenya and two outreach branches outside Kenya in Kampala (Uganda) and Moshi (Tanzania). The branches are strategically located for easy and convenient access to the farmers in major agricultural hubs in Kenya.

Irri Hub

Irri Hub is a Kenyan-owned entity dealing in the supply and installation of climate-smart irrigation technology. Its products include drip irrigation options, eco-friendly water harvesting options, mulching technology, and farm planning services. In addition, its irrigation product is powered by green energy solutions, including but not limited to solar. As such, the entity provides a comprehensive sustainable solution to farmers.

Jangwani Farms

Jangwani farms Limited is an agritech business aiming to leverage hydroponics technology to empower local farmers to grow high-quality, demand-backed fresh produce throughout the year. Currently, the farm has 330 farmers clustered into groups growing produce in a total of 21 greenhouses. Jangwani farms seek to increase farmers’ productivity by growing crops through hydroponics technology. This technology consumes up to 95% less water than conventional agriculture under less space and throughout the year, eliminating seasonality. Their produce targets households, retailers, and hotels who are guaranteed a reliable supply of traceable fresh produce focused on quality and consistency direct at their doorstep

Mundawathu Gardens

Mundawathu Gardens developed and established a fruit, agroforestry, and vegetable seedlings nursery in Lilongwe Malawi. Taking the form of the out-growers scheme, it uses existing structures, agriculture cooperatives to sell its products and services. Since it started nine years ago, the enterprise has impacted directly about 18000 farmers in NGOs, and Government resilience and livelihoods owned projects in various districts. Mundawath supplies grafted and improved fruit seedlings varieties, vegetable seedlings, conducts extension training and services, and locally manufactured inorganic fertilizers at subsidized prices.

Sustainable Water Irrigation and Farming Technologies (SWIFT)

Sustainable Water Irrigation and Farming Technologies (SWIFT) is a Malawian-owned engineering and technology company specializing in Water Supply, Renewable Energy Production, and Agriculture. SWIFT strives to develop and promote modern and sustainable engineering and technological solutions in Water Supply, Renewable Energy Production, and Agriculture in Malawi by providing high-quality services in these industries. SWIFT’s long-term aspirations are to become a flag carrier in promoting sustainable engineering and technological solutions for local and international markets. The company was founded in 2017 by a young and passionate Water Resources Engineer, Mr. Ulaya Mwale.

Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited

Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited is a company that is into drying perishable agricultural products like tomatoes, pepper, onions, and fruits. It has a solar drying center in Kasuwan Gada, Kazaure LGA, Jigawa State, Kudan LGA, Kaduna State Nigeria. The business, passionate about eradicating post-harvest losses, is also into the packaging and sales of these dried products. Its long-term vision is to end hunger and unemployment among women and youths in communities where we operate and boost food security across Nigeria between now and 2050.


Salubata Technological Innovation Limited started in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, with a mission to invent lifestyle technologies that help people and the planet. It consists of a team of shoe designers, and environmental scientists focused on converting plastic wastes to footwear, thus creating income and reducing waste. The venture has reached over 900 customers and sold over 1,400 shoes. Salubata focuses on constant innovation via the release of lifestyle technologies. The venture has won a couple of both local and international awards like the British Council Entrepreneurship award in 2019, among others.

Simkay Green Global

Simkay green global ventures capitalize on the sustained interest in agriculture, specifically tomato farming. The venture is committed to solving high levels of post-harvest wastage and off-season shortages among tomato farmers. By focusing on procurement and informal sector liaison, the venture trains farmers, especially youth and women, on innovative ways of producing tomatoes. So far, it has trained over 400 farmers on vertical sack farming – a knowledge-based improved cultivation system designed to improve farm yield while optimizing land usage. Vertical sack farming enables farmers to grow a large number of crops in a relatively small space.

Soupah Farm-en-Market Limited

Soupah Farm-en-Market Limited is a company in Ibadan, Nigeria founded in 2018 and focused on changing how food is grown and distributed. It leverages controlled environment practice and resource-smart growing technology. It grows vegetables using hydroponics and innovatively operates these farms from rooftops within the city. In the last three years, the company has sold over 60 tons of vegetables. In addition, 80% of their deliveries are done using bicycles, reducing carbon emissions significantly.

Elwin Amanchasis coy Limited

Elwin Group is a reputable firm in Nigeria whose activities are centered on Agribusiness, Greenhouse, Spices, Edible Oil, Non-Edible Oil, Fiber, Exports, Investments, Consultancy, and Training. The company’s vision is to consistently improve the quality of human life by establishing secure platforms that guarantee healthy foods, profitability, scalability, and sustainability. ELWIN was incorporated with a commitment to food security, job creation, rural development to foster the competitiveness of commercial value, thereby redefining the quality of livelihood through Agribusiness today.

Supermarts Limited

Founded in 2019 by Miracle Bolaji: Johnson, Supermarts Limited is a Nigerian-based venture that has developed locally made technologies to solve farmers’ problems by connecting farmers to real-time markets, monitoring farming activities, using organic farming methods, and providing irrigation solutions. This helps farmers to desist from using harmful substances that are detrimental to human health and climate. The company has also designed pest control for rice farmers, reducing rice yields by up to 40%. Farmers can also plant in the entire season due to the drip irrigation technique. It has reached over 18,000 clients in one year.

VuthaMthi Farming Projects

VuthaMthi Farming Projects consists of a team of competent, dedicated, and resourceful farmers in South Africa that are farming to benefit themselves and the community at large and create a local economy. They do crop and livestock production, targeting retailers, restaurants and market vendors by offering quality services. The farmers also use organic feeds and biofuel in their output. Starting in 2017, the venture has had over 500 customers in the last 12 months.

Ecoplastile Limited

Founded in 2019, Ecoplastile Limited is a Ugandan company that has developed an innovative chemical-free and energy-conserving plastic extrusion technology called “Waxy II technology”. The technology uses natural wax from bees to make plastic materials of different polymers reach their melting point quickly while retaining their original stability, hence low energy consumption. The technology converts more than 12 types of plastics into timber-saving roofing tiles, fencing posts, and other building materials. This has provided employment to informal waste collectors, especially in the slums, and greatly countered deforestation.

Maima General Dealers Limited

Maima General Dealers Limited is an agribusiness enterprise in the livestock sector in central Zambia. It runs a livestock processing facility for chickens and goats. The enterprise has over 12,000 birds and buys goats from farmers to process and sell to established markets. The venture has established 25 community cooperatives with 50 smallholder farmers. It also produces hydroponic millet fodders grown from cereal seeds such as maize and sorghum for the livestock.

Tivwane Money Solution

Tivwane Money Solution is a Zambian-owned credit entity that offers business loans, entrepreneurship training, and capacity building to farmers. It provides asset-based loans for facilities such as high-quality solar irrigation equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and farming equipment. The service supports the financial inclusion of smallholder farmers in rural areas through sustainable access to financial services. Since 2018, the entity has had over 1000 customers.

Dimensions Agro-Mark Limited

Dimensions Agro-Mark Limited is a privately owned Agro-processing company registered in 2016. The company mainly focuses on processing dried raw cassava. Cassava is the 2nd staple food in Zambia after maize which is currently experiencing shortages in the country. The business aims to solve household challenges created by an inadequate supply of maize by supplying the cassava meal at affordable prices, reaching out to over 22,000 customers in the past year.

Who will make it to the list of the top 10 winners? We can only wait and see.

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