The Climate Technology Centre Network (CTCN) an operational arm of the United Nations FCCC Technology Mechanism partnered with KCIC to implement the SME Clinics in Kenya and Tanzania, to promote technology transfer and facilitate the adoption of Climate Smart Technologies by Industrial SMEs in these two countries.

CTCN’s Private Sector Innovation Program to Support SMEs to uptake climate technologies targets to strengthen developing countries’ industrial SME markets in order to move from conventional technologies to more efficient climate technologies. The intended impact of the transformation it to enable industrial SME markets mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The programme also objectively sought to include of women-led SME’s in the support provided. This facilitated access to information and potentially resources who in most instances are disadvantaged compared to men.

The productivity and competitiveness of Industrial SMEs is enhanced by facilitating technology upgradation and implemention more efficient environmentally sound technologies by:

  1. Linking/matching the SMEs to efficient technologies and international climate technology suppliers;
  2. Creating linkages to climate technology friendly financing options;
  3. Building the capacity and awareness of the local industrial SMEs.

KCIC Consulting’s key services included:

  •   Mapping and clustering of industrial SMEs in Kenya and Tanzania;
  •   Validating the findings of a Survey conducted on use of environmentally sound technologies by Industrial SMEs, through stakeholder workshops
  •   Analysing technologies/ themes/gaps requiring cutting edge technology transfer and innovation;
  •   Developing a concept note for resource mobilization to implement the recommendations to support SMEs in Kenya and Tanzania uptake Climate Smart Technologies.
  •   CTCN has launched USD 10 Million Adaptation Fund under GCF to support SME development and job creation.