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47-Champions Awards


Vijana na AgriBiz Competition is an annual contest that targets youth with innovative ideas in agribusiness and who are willing to show them to the world as well as to actualise them from ideation to commercialization. The Competition addresses key challenges that hinder youth from tapping into the immense potential in the agricultural sector. The competition equally supports the full spectrum of the value chain from agricultural inputs and producers, to suppliers for end consumers in conventional agriculture, fisheries and livestock. It is part of the AgriBiz programme funded by the European Union and Danida.

More information is available on During the first chapter in 2021, the KCL team conceptualized the idea, developed the strategy and work plan, came up with the budgeting, and ran with the competition from the foundation to the end. The competition supported the full spectrum of the agricultural value chain from agricultural inputs, producers, and suppliers to consumers in conventional agriculture, fisheries, and livestock.

A total of 353 applications were received through the Agribiz website (, with 10 applicants selected for support. We were also involved in the Development of competition materials, selection of judges, planning, and execution of the Bootcamp including the development of materials, monitoring, and evaluation, media and publicity as well as reporting. Below are snapshots from the report of the competition (as approved for use by the client).