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County scoping study for the proposed AgriBiz Counties, KCIC, 2 months

Completed Projects

KCIC consulting conducted feasibility studies across 8 counties in Kenya to determine market opportunities for enterprises in the agriculture value-chains. These informed the development of the AgriBiz program, which is a 5-year program that seeks to be a catalyst and enabler towards greater involvement of women and youth in agricultural and livestock value chains. Mapped existing key agribusiness value chains (maximum of 5 per county) and elaborated how the AgriBiz program can tap into each of them: Assess the potentials, opportunities for growth, barriers, and possible strategies for exploitation for each of the identified key value chains in every county. Mapped out and conducted a physical assessment of the state of Agricultural Training Centers (ATCs,) and existing Technical and Vocational Education and Training centers, TVET’s.