Understanding how to effectively measure and manage impact is critical to ensuring investors and stakeholders are achieving their desired impact results to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Our pool of experts employs a set of tools and frameworks in M&E that comprehensively demonstrates not only the mystery behind the numbers but also measures social impact and how organizations or people served by our clients have been able to change and influence communities with an aim of providing the story “behind numbers”. 

Our impact measurement practices focus on helping our clients achieve their sustainability ambitions by measuring the impacts of their development programs. We provide custom data-backed evaluations of projects, programs, and organizations. This work diagnoses the critical path for success as well as potential enablers and inhibitors.

Our impact measurements are designed to assess performance in real-time, allowing our clients to make adjustments to their strategy and implementation to improve their program outcomes. Our expert’s design experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations using qualitative and quantitative research methods to test what approaches work best and why.

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  • Strong Brand We are committed to building strong business and relationship bonds with our clients to establish an all-rounded sense of belonging.
  • Focus On Efficiency Our operating activities are centered on the continuous improvement of efficiency, productivity.
  • Management Capacity We are deliberate in planning and executing your vision. We believe in flexibility and teamwork to execute our services.

Our Consulting Services

We are analytically rigorous, delivering fact-based advice to get the job done. Find your solution

Private Sector Development

We focus on developing sustainable enterprises across various sectors to compete effectively in the regional and global markets. We support our clients through the five stages of Private Sector Development.

Management Services

Our team of sustainability experts will take you through aspects, risks and opportunities of sustainability; strategy development and support on implementation; reporting; analyses (due diligence, ROI); application of standards and training.

Training Design

We offer descriptive, applied, quantitative, qualitative, conceptual and empirical research, intending to catalyze the processes and procedures required to attain sustainable development.

Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Evaluation

Our pool of experts employs a set of tools and frameworks in M&E that comprehensively demonstrates not only the mystery behind the numbers but also measures social impact.

Grant and Fund Management

We will assist your organisation to oversee grants and other forms of funding by encompassing each stage of the grant’s lifecycle and ensuring that the right systems and processes are put in place for maximum impact/output.

Development Communication

Our team of consultants and experts offer global and regional experience in different areas of communication. We embody intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity, and commitment to values.


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