our approach

Key Determinants to your success.

  • Strong Brand

    We are committed to building strong business and relationship bonds with our clients to establish an all-rounded sense of belonging.

  • Focus On Efficiency

    Our operating activities are centered on the continuous improvement of efficiency, productivity.

  • Management Capacity

    We are deliberate in planning and executing your vision. We believe in flexibility and teamwork to execute our services.

Our Consulting Services

We are analytically rigorous, delivering fact-based advice to get the job done. Find your solution

Enterprise Development

Our Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development services are tailored to strengthen.

Management Services

Sustainable business management, planning and operational efficiency are vital ingredients to enterprise success.

Training Design

Whether you need frontline training, executive development or anything in between, KCIC Consulting’s.

Impact Evaluation

Our impact measurement practices focus on helping our clients achieve their sustainability ambitions.

Research Services

Research plays a crucial role in forming our view of the world. Through research, we pick up.

Sustainability Advisory

Both public and private sectors in Africa face significant challenges related to population growth.

Sustainable Finance Solutions

We support the financial sector in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their operations and decision-making processes.


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