Michelle Mung’ata

Communication Officer

Michelle is a motivated and detail-oriented communication professional who is flexible, versatile, and proficient in what she does. She is a holder of a Communication degree majoring in Public Relations from Daystar University.

In addition, she holds a Certificate in Graphic design from Griffins College, a certification in Digital Media from Digital 4 Africa, and a Media Engagement Certification from Aga Khan University.

Michelle has previously worked in the publishing industry, both in the public and private sectors, at Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Publishers and Law Africa Publishers. In both organizations, she was part of the Corporate Affairs department.

She also worked at the Kenya Wildlife Services as a Resource Mobilization Assistant. She joined KCIC Consulting from Kenya Climate Innovation Center where she worked for 3 years as a Knowledge Management and Communication Assistant.

She prides herself on always finding humor in situations that are tense. She has great communication skills that allow her to interpret information in different formats, be it word or graphic. She believes in seeing the best in people.

Fun fact: Michelle spends her free time indulging in anything art-oriented: plays, live performances, gallery exhibitions.

“An artist cannot fail – it is a success to be one.”-Charles Cooley