Elizabeth Boye
Country - Danish / Denmark

  • Elizabeth is the renowned Responsible Business and Cross-Sector Partnerships for Growth professional. 
  • She has more than 26 years of experience working in various Southern, Western, and Eastern African as well as South-Eastern Asian countries for an impressive range of governments, international corporations, and development institutions.
  • Always with a regional development focus, she programmed the COOP Savannah brand and programmed the Nordzucker sourcing. 
  • She was the program director for the CSR Juice Platform, mobilizing all stakeholders in the juice sector for pre-competitive cooperation on responsible business development. 
  • She prepared the FanMilk Nigeria for sale and she builds the capacity of the business association organizing the exporting 5000 RMG factories in Bangladesh to mention a few. 
  • She advised all IFU partner companies in Sub-Saharan Africa on the implementation of the IFU CSR policy.
  • She advised the Government of Kenya, the National Economic and Social Council, on how to make the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) work for the implementation of the National Development Plan (Vision2030). 
  • Further, her work included input to PPP policy drafting processes in Ghana and Bangladesh and much more.
  • She educated and provided advice to more than 600 high-level decision and policymakers on how to make the cross-sector partnerships work for effective public and private service delivery in Danida program countries across the globe, particularly in East and West Africa.
  • Furthermore, she is an external course coordinator and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, sole owner of Sociability, and CEO of Global River Center.