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Frequent Asked FAQs

What does KCL do?

KCIC Consulting Limited strives to make a difference in the African continent by providing sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges across the region. We serve central and county government institutions, international organizations, corporations, SMEs, national and international NGOs.

We are also communication experts, we have made it our mission to deliver high-quality capacity building and value-adding services to our clientele enabling them to strengthen their communication and branding strategy.

Why work with us?

  • By understanding our clients’ needs, we offer optimal solutions to developing organizations to ensure that they have an easy transition in communication as they join the world of sustainability.
  • We help you compete effectively in the regional and global markets to make you better as you make the world a better place.
  • We are guided by the wisdom that success is never about making a business bigger, but making it more valuable and while at it making an impeccable change in the wider society.
  • We are diverse, We work with government institutions, international organizations and NGOs, corporations, SMEs, and Local NGOs

What services do you offer?

  1. Private Sector Development- Our enterprise development services are tailored to strengthen your organization. Discover more.
  2. Sustainability Advisory – Both public and private sectors in the world need to remain afloat and develop further. Discover more.
  3. Research and Capacity Building – Our research approach, therefore, strives to uphold precision, credibility, and reliability.
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Evaluation – We will help you keep track of your project and achieve the outcomes of your project.
  5. Grant and Fund Management – We will assist you to oversee your grants/fund implementation for optimum outputs. Discover more.
  6. Development CommunicationWe fulfill organizations’ development communication and PR needs by creating strategic campaigns.

Can your team handle well consulting services?

Yes, our team of consultants and experts offer global and regional expertise across various sectors. We embody intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity, and commitment to values to get the job done. Check our team

How much does your consultancy services costs?

For the services it depends. You can get in touch with our team. Contact us Page

How can I contact you?

You can always reach us at +254 762 812 276/77 or email us info@kcicconsulting.com. Our offices are at Muthaiga, Wambui road, Muthaiga Golf view suites, Ground Floor.

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