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Empowering sustainable decisions

In February 2021, KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) launched the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Professional Certification Program as a driver to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program convenes sustainability reporting practitioners, key stakeholder groups and data users to raise the bar on corporate SDG reporting and drive action on the SDGs.

The 2021 October masterclass will run from 27th – 29th. Participants will learn about cutting edge insights of GRI reporting from content contextualized to reflect sustainability issues in Kenya. Together with members from this thought leadership program, KCL will walk participants through new developments in the current sustainability reporting landscape and share key highlights and takeaways from the classes on corporate SDG reporting.

The program entails five modules that cover the following topics; Sustainable development, GRI standards, structure of the GRI standards, applying the reporting principles and finally, GRI report support which will include local case studies and exercises.

The course will zoom in on how businesses can raise the quality of reporting on the SDGs and disclose impacts in a relevant manner to stakeholders. The program will focus on sustainability benchmarking, rating agencies, governments and multilateral organizations. You will learn from leaders in the field about driving action on the SDGs and communicating contributions towards the global goals.

By the end of the two-day session, the participants will:

  • Have gained insights into the implications of the current sustainability reporting landscape for corporate SDG reporting.
  • Have participated in an active session that will provide participants with practical insights and recommendations to raise the quality of reporting on the SDGs and to disclose business contributions to the SDGs in a relevant manner for stakeholders.
  • Have learned first-hand insights from leading businesses on how they are driving action on the SDGs and how they are communicating business impact and contribution towards the SDGs.

After completing the course and having passed the exams, participants will be given certification as GRI sustainability professionals.

For further information on the program, the GRI certified trainers and coaches and to register, please click on the application button below.

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