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Development Communication: Your Organisation’s link to success

The state of development communication in the development space is not very impressive. Most organizations communicate their reports, impacts, findings, and what they do, only internally and also to their partners or donors. This could be limiting since there are larger target groups that would benefit from the data being divulged. In addition, potential partners who are interested in what these organizations do are left in the dark. Organizations, therefore, need to associate themselves with partners who can be able to map out audiences and come up with platforms of disseminating information that is interpreted and packed in a manner that is desirable for absorption by a wide array of people.

As the year progresses businesses and organizations have already set up their strategic plans on how they will achieve their goals and deliverables at the end of the year. Development communication should come in as an essential tool that they will need to communicate their impact effectively hence achieve more. This can only be achieved by applying superlative communication strategies through using the language and tools that are desirable for adoption and dissemination. Development communication is about focusing on the needs of the majority before the self with the aim of achieving sustainable impacts.

KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) is at the forefront of helping organizations to communicate their impact, we offer development communication services by developing communication strategies that are sustainable, impactful, beneficial, and have continuity in terms of their programmes. According to the Head of Development Communication, KCL, Kennedy Ouma, “Organisations should care about development communication because of the multiplier effect, if you touch the lives of 10 people and you communicate that impact, it will indirectly impact a million others”, he affirms.

In an interview with KCL’s Communications manager, Solomon Irungu. The importance of organizations to focus on developing communication is clearly put into perspective. He ardently states the importance for organizations to engage in development communication as a tool towards their success adding that organizations need to put at the forefront of their core business and embed it to the DNA of what they do. “You have not yet made an impact with your business until you have communicated about what you are doing and how you are doing it”, he added.

It is therefore high time for companies to embrace development communication as a tool that will foster and push their impact to the society, clients, and even potential partners and see it as a link to success. Communicating your impact gives your audience a chance to interact with your activities and bring them on board more easily. KCL recognizes that communication is the driver of today’s society and is employing the best practices to develop bespoke solutions. Through tracking the outcome and reporting of the same and most importantly to keep your business sustainable and moving forward.