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ChemChem Agro

ChemChem Agro has been carving a remarkable and distinctive path in sustainable apiculture since its inception in 2020. In their own words, they are at the service of bees, the environment and beekeepers. They offer a range of services focused on beekeeping technology, promoting sustainable practices, preserving biodiversity and supporting local communities.

Under the leadership of Daniella Ushindi, ChemChem Agro, is among the winners of the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge. Jointly implemented by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), this program aims to empower youth-led SMEs for entrepreneurship and job creation in climate adaptation and resilience. The 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, funded by the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF), has a special focus on young women entrepreneurs leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies for climate adaptation in Africa.

The vision and impact of ChemChem Agro

Daniela’s background in Economics and Management Sciences from the Université Libre des Pays de Grands Lacs (ULPGL) has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of the company. Her expertise, further honed through participation in international training and mentorship programs, has continuously elevated her leadership capabilities and enhanced her dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices.

ChemChem Agro stands out in the honey industry through its holistic approach to beekeeping. Unlike other companies that focus solely on the end product, ChemChem Agro is involved in every stage of the process—from hive installation to marketing. Their initiatives include the beekeeping school, Rucher Ecole, which provides comprehensive training and support to local beekeepers, and Api Connect, a cutting-edge geolocation platform that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize hive locations and identify potential hazards. This integrated approach ensures quality production while promoting responsible bee husbandry.

The company’s pollination nursery, focusing on fruit and melliferous trees, plays a critical role in fostering biodiversity and supporting sustainable agriculture. This initiative not only boosts crop yields, but also diversifies income sources for the local community.

Through ChemChem Agro’s innovative initiatives, the local ecosystem and agricultural practices have seen a significant advancement. Api Connect has introduced a new era of how farmers interact with their environment, offering real-time insights into hive activities and alerting them of potential pesticide threats. This proactive approach has not only safeguarded the hives but also contributed to the stability of crop production. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to biodiversity protection and forest conservation has led to tangible outcomes, such as the restoration of native flora and the return of various pollinator species, which are essential for a balanced ecosystem.

Looking ahead: Goals and support from the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge

Through the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, ChemChem Agro aims to scale its operations and enhance its impact. The company plans to expand its hive installations, targeting a total of 600 complete hives, and increase the number of bees in the region by 50%. This expansion will continue to strengthen climate adaptation capacity while promoting environmental sustainability and preserving natural resources.

Furthermore, the company looks forward to the refinement of the Api Connect platform, which is set to improve accessibility and ease of use, with a goal of reducing pesticide use in surrounding areas and increasing biodiversity. Additionally, the company expects a 36% increase in indirect jobs through its expanded operations and training initiatives.

The support from the 2023 YouthADAPT Challenge, is crucial for ChemChem Agro to achieve these ambitious goals. YouthADAPT serves as a catalyst, enabling the company to realise its mission of redefining the honey industry by combining innovation, education, and sustainable practices.

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