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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Under the current cohort, the focus will be on female-led businesses with a majority 51% shareholding and active management by women.
This call is supporting for-profit enterprises, so CBOs are not eligible.
Hub offers a range of skincare products that are feminine, delicate and long-lasting with vitamins and nutritions to improve your skin condition.
Only if the shareholding is majority female (>51% shareholding) and they are also actively involved in management.

The call for applications is open from 16th October, 2023, to 5th November, 2023. The mentorship and acceleration are scheduled for January 2024 to September 2024.

Please submit your application on [website link], and the evaluation team will assess how your solution aligns with the objectives of this call.

Yes, as long as you meet all other eligibility criteria detailed at [website link].

Yes, audited financials are required to demonstrate your business's profitability.

The company needs to demonstrate alignment with AfDB's focus on empowering youth for entrepreneurship and job creation in climate adaptation and resilience, using Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies responsibly. Additionally, compliance with national regulations and a clean legal record are required.

Only registered companies with more than 2 years of operation are eligible to apply.

Only female-owned enterprises are eligible, with >51% shareholding by women.

This cohort supports female-owned businesses, but the impact created by the business should benefit all members of the communities they operate in.

This cohort of the YouthADAPT challenge is structured to support female-owned businesses.

Unfortunately, you need to demonstrate two years of profitable operations, which you do not have at the time of this call.

You can visit the Bank’s country offices to explore potential partnership opportunities.

If the enterprise can demonstrate the use of other 4IR technologies, it could be eligible. See detailed eligibility criteria [here](

If the trial has demonstrated a track record over the last two years, it is possible.

No, you need to demonstrate profitability over the last two years with audited financial statements