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4C-K Conference, A Must Attend

On 10th November 2021, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC), in partnership with KCIC Consulting, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KePSA), and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), will hold the first conference on the corporate commitment to climate change. The one-day conference, dubbed Corporate Commitment to Climate Change – Kenya (4C-K), will rally corporate leaders and stakeholders to make their climate declarations.

The 4C-K comes when the world is also coming together to discuss climate change matters at the United Nations Climate change conference (Cop26). With significant players at Cop 26, like International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), declaring their interest in supporting climate negotiators at local levels, 4C-K is just the perfect conference at the ideal time.

Why should companies make this conference a must-attend? First, it is a step-up delivery of nature-based solutions for a sustainable, resilient, and equitable globe. Second, it will also be an essential forum for stakeholders, businesses, institutions, and government officials to discuss disciplines exploring aspects of climate change. Third, the conference will see virtual participation through zoom, and physical activities at Strathmore University will be the first of its kind.

The conference’s main objective is to ensure that the private sector and critical stakeholders fight negative climate change and attenuate it. Other goals include pointing out climate breaches and proposing actions, coming up with well-laid plans for sustainable climate, and ensuring the private sector highly champions for sustainability to promote economic growth. In general, these discussions should educate citizens about environmental issues, tackle them and encourage social action.

Through this summit, organizations in Kenya that are at the forefront to implement sustainable practices and prioritize environmental factors will be recognized; the top three companies will be awarded in the ‘Sustainable Company of the Year’ awards.

The event will be crowned by the signing of a ceremonial whiteboard (10-point charter) by the private sector to officiate a national declaration and develop a national road map that will steer efforts towards countering climate change.